YSL Tote Bag Honest Review – Is It The Quality?

This bag from YSL is definitely one of my most used bags in my entire bag closet. As a mom of twins, I used this bag as a diaper bag when the twins were old enough not to carry a full diaper bag. It is elegant yet at the same time versatile for many occasions. But is it worth buying a YSL handbag? Since you’ll be paying $950 to $1,150 for this bag, you’re entitled to thorough research and review.

YSL handbag review

Saint Laurent Bag Review – Conclusion

I absolutely love my YSL bag. We highly recommend it to city girls, moms, and professionals who need to carry their devices around.

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The bag is very large and comes with adjustable straps that can be easily worn over your shoulders. The metals on the adjusting buckles are bronze in color and there is an old school YSL logo and also an attached coin purse that you can put your keys or phone in this separate compartment.

Is the YSL bag of good quality?

I think this Saint Laurent Tote is one of the most quality bags I have ever owned. I haven’t encountered any problems yet. It’s been a year since I bought this bag. And I carried two worlds above mine. As I mentioned earlier, I used to use this bag as a stylish diaper bag for my twin babies. The bag is definitely worn after rough use, but still no visible signs of that rough use. I think the Italian quality shows it. (Although YSL is a French fashion house, this bag was actually made in Italy.)

Do YSL bags hold their value?

I think that. YSL bags generally have a higher resale value. But for this bag in particular, you should probably buy it to use it regularly but not to sell it later.

When I bought this bag, the price was $950. I see now. It was $1,050. That’s why I gave it 4 stars. But in fact, many luxury brands raised their prices last year due to the Corona pandemic. they remained unopened for a long time; They may think this is the way to cover unexpected store closing time

But I like the bag so much that even with this high in price, I can still buy this bag in the blink of an eye. I remember wanting to buy this bag 3-4 years ago for the first time. But I changed my mind at the last minute because yes, it’s a lot of money. Instead, I go with the Mango bag which cost me $60 but was unusable in 3 months. The shoulder straps are starting to separate from the stitches. So sometimes it is better to splurge on things that are of good quality and long lasting.

Is Saint Laurent’s bag elegant?

I have to admit, I don’t find tote bags to be stylish in general. But this YSL bag has a sharp and sharp black color, it always looks very stylish and elegant. You will not regret buying this bag because it looks really high quality, simple and always a stylish addition to your casual look.

You can always style this bag with white buttons, jeans and sneakers. Perfect for running errands for young, stylish moms.

Does the YSL bag have a good size?

This bag is huge. If you are looking for a roomy but also stylish bag, this should be your first choice. I carry diapers, wipes, extra clothes for the twins, etc., and my own wallet, makeup bag, keys, and iPad at the same time.

I also use this separator to see everything more organized. Even if you don’t use this organizer, the bag will still keep its shape and won’t get weird.

I hope you enjoy an honest review of the YSL bag. Please take a look at some of my other favorite Saint Laurent bags. You can also my Gucci Soho Disco Bag review.

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YSL Tote Bag Honest Review
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