Winter makeup trends

We do different makeup for each season. So, “How should we dress this winter?”

Natural-looking makeup is still popular this season, as it is every season. In this makeup trend, it is always necessary to focus on one point. In other words, if the eyes are in the foreground, the lips are highlighted in nude colors, and if the lips are highlighted in dark colors, the eyes are completed with simple makeup.

Winter makeup

The natural and delicate foundation cream, which gives a radiant and healthy look, is a favorite in skin make-up. This season, blush is more preferred than contour applications that accentuate facial features. Pink tones and peach blushes are very popular this season! In addition to applying blush, highlighters also attract a lot of attention in makeup this season.

Winter makeup

Winter makeup

Eyelashes are one of the most prominent details of this season’s eye makeup trends. It is very important to choose a mascara that is not clumping and does not stick the eyelashes together in order to get full eyelashes separated one by one, which is the favorite of the season. While eyes continue to be natural with peach tones, you can also use the deep look created by smoky eye makeup made in shades of brown, burgundy, copper, gray, and gold this season. This season’s eye makeup trend. tail eyeliner You can add different details using

This season, in addition to filled in eyebrows, it is preferable to use thick eyebrows but only those that are combed upwards with eyebrow mascara and light colors.

Winter makeup

Winter makeup

The glossy lips of the 90s are among the current winter makeup trends. Lip gloss, which can adapt to eye makeup made with both intense and natural colors, creates a fuller and healthier look on our lips. Although tones are often preferred in everyday makeup, dark lips continue to be a trend this season as they do every season.

Choosing high-quality products also helps complete your makeup.

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