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This week I want to talk to you about organic products. We admit that we are all a little confused because of the concept of “organic” that has appeared in recent years, unfortunately, like many other concepts in our country, the concept of “organic” has become emptied or used in a false way.

However, the negative experience should never distract us from this important concept, which will add great value to our overall health.

why choose organic3Many sensible and respected health professors on television recommend that if we want to present foods that will truly bring health to our bodies today, we should first consume seasonal foods and then look for the best organic foods. without getting tired of the information crowd.

If you think that I can’t pay extra money because I will find organic eggs, I will eat real honey and you can’t find out where and what product is available, you are on the wrong track!

With a little research on the Internet, you can see for yourself how hormonal eggs start menstruating in young girls at an early age and lead them to puberty, or how sweet honey-like foods, which are artificial honey, but actually glucose syrup, cause diabetes. and nothing is added to the body.

I would very much like to wish the state that the state would take care of a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet, put all manufacturers in line and wait, you can’t produce unhealthy products, in my country everyone will say that they will consume the most natural of all, the best, and put into operation the entire industry.

why choose organic2As consumers, we must be careful when buying organic products because, unfortunately, there is a lack of trust in organic agriculture in our country. At the same time, the disadvantages of introducing organic farming to the masses have a large share.

Inevitably, as a consumer in the current situation, when we are faced with an organic product, we may inevitably face a dilemma:

Is the product in question truly organic? Is it from a reliable manufacturer or is it just a marketing buzzword? speaking.

In this sense, it is very important that the seller or the company we contact be reliable when buying organic products.

Organic farming is a production method that contributes not only to human life, but also to the longevity of the world.

In organic agriculture, which is completely in favor of naturalness; no chemical fertilizers, hormones or drugs are used.

Therefore, naturally grown products add naturalness and health to people’s lives.

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