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If you throw up the food you eat, will you lose weight? The truth is that vomiting will not ultimately help you lose weight, and in fact over time. may cause weight gain. Good, weight loss with vomiting Here?

Shockingly, the theory that vomiting after eating helps you lose weight is actually another common misconception that we badly need to raise awareness about. While it’s true that you can sometimes experience initial weight loss when you first start to feel sick, it’s important to understand that this is often due to dehydration and is almost always impossible to maintain.

So even if you feel like you’re throwing up all the food you eat, there’s a good chance that your body is throwing away at least 50% of the calories you eat.

Is the vomiting getting better?

When your body realizes that the amount of food is limited, your metabolism slows down and you quickly turn the calories you eat into fat stores. In addition, vomiting causes a rapid increase in the urge to overeat, which means that you are likely to consume more food than usual.

It is important to understand that the rapid process of vomiting after eating is an incredibly addictive process. Although at first you may convince yourself that everything is under your control, it is not something that you can stop at any moment.

Does vomiting affect weight loss?

So, right now, if you are experiencing bulimia, uncontrollable urge to vomit after eating, or maybe you are thinking about vomiting to lose weight, you should know that in the long run it causes serious illness and does not lead to weight loss. weight.

Weight loss with vomiting

Is it possible to lose weight if you eat and feel sick? Of course, you can lose weight this way, but it is incredibly dangerous. The medical term for this is bulimia, and making a person vomit to lose weight can have serious short and long-term consequences. All you need to think about before continuing is that is to do nothing.

Weight loss with vomiting
Is it bad to lose weight with vomiting?

Short-term problems include esophageal rupture, electrolyte disturbances, and heart rhythm problems, which can lead to death. Long-term problems also include hormone problems, loss of bone and muscle density, and damage to tooth enamel.

What to do to prevent vomiting?

Weight loss through vomiting is unfortunately quite common, especially among younger people. This situation can be caused by psychological and environmental reasons. If there are people around you who use the method of losing weight by vomiting or you yourself use this method, you should take the following measures to cope with it.

Especially if vomiting occurs for psychological and environmental reasons;

  • Stressful environments should be avoided whenever possible and they should learn to manage stress.
  • Spend time in an oxygen-rich environment.
  • Be careful not to be alone, be with your friends and spend time with them.
  • Avoid eating very heavy foods. Also, stay away from all types of prepared foods that contain preservatives and sweeteners. It is recommended to use organic products.
  • Organize your sleep.
  • Do not skip meals and your meals should be regular.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Supplements should be taken as needed.
  • You should be screened for certain medical conditions.
Weight loss with vomiting
What to do to avoid vomiting

It is also known that in adolescence, a person has vomiting. In these cases, families should pay attention to the following:

  • Mention should be made of the dangers of losing weight with the help of vomiting.
  • Instead of losing weight by vomiting, the child should be offered a suitable diet program.
  • Physical coercion must not be used.
  • In this situation, the child should be given suggestion and psychological support.
  • It is recommended to motivate.

In addition, vomiting can occur involuntarily in cases such as disorders of the digestive system or, although rarely, cancer. Faced with such situations, you should definitely consult a doctor.

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