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porcelain makeup, It has become fashionable in recent years. This makeup Because it does not flow all night Generally bride Make-up has become a favorite among women. When we went to the hairdresser’s rehearsal “Porcelain makeup? Ordinary makeup?” We often encounter the question “What will happen?” What is this porcelain make-up? How to make? Is it really as effective and beautiful as they suggest?

Porcelain makeup is made by professionals who have received special training in this subject.. In order to do this makeup, a certain training process is passed. Porcelain makeup should be done by professional people as it requires precision, does not accept even the slightest mistake and is very difficult to remove. The articles are separate and private. Made with special cosmetics. It differs slightly in price range as compared to regular makeup.

It is preferable to this make-up brides, as I mentioned above. It is preferable to use makeup because it has the ability to hold. She will appear on screen outside of The Bride or People who have scars on their face that cannot be covered by natural foundation also prefer this makeup. It is a type of makeup that is done at night. It is not recommended to do this during the day.

The most important thing that distinguishes porcelain makeup It can withstand heat for 42 hours and is unaffected by water.. If you apply porcelain makeup to your face, Your makeup won’t run in a sweat. The fact that it remains as stable as it was first applied is another advantage of choosing this makeup.

When it comes to porcelain makeup Heavy makeup There may be a preconceived notion of gender. In fact, the purpose of porcelain makeup is, It is to give a feeling of having no makeup on your face.. With this makeup, your facial features are guaranteed to look natural. The main purpose of porcelain makeup To make your skin soft. With all these detailed applications soft make up It was completed.

Porcelain makeup steps:

  • Before moving on to the porcelain makeup The skin needs to be cleaned well.. Even to remove dead skin from the face. Peeling facial Make. Facial hair should be removed and eyebrows formed.
  • As with every make-up process, after you have finished, clean the face. The face is well moisturized. After moisturizing Make-up base Facial roughness is corrected using We shared what a makeup base is and how it is used in our previous articles. You can review.
  • it is time Enterprise for the riding process. When choosing a foundation, make sure that it matches your skin tone. liquid Choosing a product will make the process easier. If you have a problem such as bruises under the eyes, hidden detention Don’t forget to use it. You can achieve a brighter look by applying concealer to certain parts of your face.
  • After the foundation and concealer application process is over, it’s time For the process of applying face powder. The powder you choose should be in a suitable color for your skin tone. mat And the opaque Make sure of that. Apply the powder not only to the face. Chest and neck area And the to your ears It is also applied.

Another advantage of porcelain makeup is, Focusing on the area of ​​your face that you want to draw attention to. if you want for your eyesif you want on your lips focused A request has been submitted.

  • In applying eye makeup wedding makeup light tonesIf it’s night make-up dark tones; It’s good to choose. before applying the lamp Eye shadow base should apply. Thus, the headlight will stay on more stable and longer. As you know, brides are very sensitive on their wedding day. Thanks to this product, which is used in any crying situation, it will not be messed with at night.
  • In the process of forming eyelashes, it is preferred to be used in other cosmetics. False eyelashes Of course, it is preferable to use porcelain in makeup. By choosing natural looking false eyelashes and applying mascara over them, you will have full and long looking eyelashes that complement your makeup.
  • Red cheeks Check-in natural colours Prefer to use. If your eye makeup is heavy or the color of your lips is dark, the blush you will wear should be light. Proportion is very important in makeup.. You have to balance the tones. Same process lipstick It also applies to your choice. You should apply the lipstick lightly on any areas that have more makeup.

The most important thing that distinguishes porcelain makeup is installed Press to fix makeup. With this spray used, the durability of makeup increases. finally Complete your makeup with a setting spray.

If you want to get a porcelain make-up, I would like to remind you to have it done by professionals. You can find out the details about this makeup, which is difficult to remove, from her. You can choose the porcelain makeup to feel more special on your special day. Since important days like this only happen once, you deserve the best of everything. I wish you a beautiful and special day…

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