What is permanent makeup? I wonder about permanent makeup

We love to put on makeup every day and be the most colorful we can be. Eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, blush … We move our face as we wish, just like an artist, using various cosmetics. Wearing makeup every day can be boring sometimes. Especially since spending hours trying to cover up our flaws is starting to get so boring.

Today’s permanent makeup applications are catching up with us at a fast pace. What is permanent makeup Let’s explain right away.

permanent makeup They are makeup applications that have a usage period of 2 months to 2 years. It can be applied in many different ways. For example, if your muscles are sagging or you have sparse eyebrows, you can opt for permanent eyebrow makeup applications. Eyebrow applications are basically divided into two parts such as hair and filler technique. Using the bristle technique, a hair-like drawing is made on the sparse area of ​​the eyebrow. On the other hand, the filling technique is a pigmentation process that is applied to the entire eyebrow.

In addition, eyeliner and makeup are the most challenging of the permanent makeup applications. In this way, you can get rid of the hassle of eyeliner every day, the blurred look without makeup, and the uneven eye makeup.

Permanent makeup can also be applied to the lips.

How is permanent makeup applied?

permanent makeup It is a process of pigmentation using disposable needles. The area where the operation will be performed is cleaned well by the specialist and anesthetic cream is applied. Then, if the device is to be used according to the type of operation, it is placed in the area. The needles used in the procedure are personal and disposable. Fine needles inject dye under the skin.

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What is the duration of permanent makeup?

permanent makeup of applications use time It varies with the type of person, the type of skin of the person, and the amount of dye. Simple applications can be used for 2 to 3 months, while more intense applications can be used for 2 to 5 years.

After how many days is permanent makeup washed off?

Washing times may vary depending on the area where the procedure takes place. The expert decides this period. Generally, permanent makeup applications can be washed off after 5 days.

What does permanent makeup cover?

Permanent makeup can be applied to the eyebrows, lips, and eyelashes.

Permanent makeup application
Permanent makeup application

What are the damages of permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup applications are not actually harmful. However, the fact that the devices used in the procedure are not sterile may cause bacteria to build up in the area. These bacteria can cause infection and inflammation in the body. During the procedure, ensure that materials are removed from their respective packaging and that the specialist uses masks and gloves.

How much does permanent makeup cost?

Permanent makeup prices may vary depending on where the applications are used and the materials used. less Permanent makeup prices 2022 We write the average values ​​for the year:

Eyebrow Contour 800-1300 TL

Microblading eyebrows 700-1200 TL

Accurate dyeing 800-1300 TL

Eyebrow powder 800-1400 TL

Bristle eyebrows 900-1500 TL

Eyebrow tattoo 800-1200 TL

Permanent eyebrow application 900-1300 TL

Lip contour 1300-1600 TL

Lip tint 1100-1500 TL

Lip Rejuvenation 1100-1500 TL

Permanent eyeliner 800-1300 TL

Permanent Diplomat 900-1500 TL

Permanent Foundation 1500-2500 TL

How is permanent eyeliner cream applied?

Permanent eyeliner application First of all, the right tone for you is selected. Then, with the help of a pencil, the eyeliner line is outlined. The area where the operation will be performed is cleaned with a lotion and anesthetized by applying an anesthetic cream. Dye is injected into the area that is sure to correspond with the fine needles and the process is completed.

How is the Permanent Diplomat application?

permanent diploma This process is actually the same as eyeliner. The only difference between them is that the dye is injected along the lash line. Unlike eyeliner, lift is mostly applied by those who want to make their eyelashes look thicker.

Are women who have permanent lip makeup satisfied?

I went to a newly opened clinic years ago. I wish I hadn’t gone. My lips hurt badly. I dared to go to a familiar place again last month and the result was excellent. Research the clinic you go to well. Of course, I hurt a little during the procedure, but not much. It’s worth it to look beautiful even without makeup.”

“I went for lip asymmetry. It fixed with a very simple operation. I thought about getting fillers before, but I didn’t because the result would be bad. I’m glad I didn’t because permanent makeup is more reliable.”

How to do permanent makeup
How to do permanent makeup

Permanent makeup makers and their reviews

“I had brow powder on. I was very satisfied. My eyebrows are genetically sparse and messy. When I took it off, it looked like I didn’t have any brows, so instead of taking it on, I just filled it in with brow shadow. You guessed it, when you do a really hard job every day. I’ve had The process is 2 months ago. I still use it as it was when it was first made.”

“I got a diploma two weeks ago. It was exactly how I wanted it. Even if I don’t wear mascara when I wake up in the morning, my eyebrows look full. I would recommend it to everyone. By the way, I didn’t feel any pain, but my friend who has a diploma is in place The last felt a lot of pain.”

“I did eyeliner, I don’t recommend it at all. My eyes got infected and swollen. And the ice pack doesn’t work either. Your soul is aching too.”

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