What is an eyelash lift? How is it applied?

Long eyelashes are the dreams of all of us. Especially when we wake up in the morning, seeing ourselves in the mirror well-groomed, oversized, and curled is enough to spend the whole day merrily. Of course, there are many ways to achieve such eye-catching eyelashes. Applications of permanent and temporary false eyelashes, care mascara that gives volume to eyelashes, curlers, care oils … In this article, one of the most popular applications nowadays Eyelash lift Share information about What is eyelash lift?And How to apply Many questions about…

What is eyelash lamination?

eyelash lamination It is the process of lifting and shaping eyelashes. It is a temporary measure. With the lamination process, the eyelashes look fuller and longer, so you can achieve a gorgeous look even without makeup.

How is eyelashes lifting done?

Eyelash lift For this procedure, it is very important that you are without makeup during the procedure. So, make sure that there are no make-up or makeup residues in your eyes when you go for the procedure.

The first thing to do when starting the process is to stick a silicone mold on the eyelid. The silicone mold is specially selected according to the eye shape, eye size and eyelash length. In addition, the curve of the silicone mold is designed according to the eyelash curl desired by the person. Then the eyelashes are prepared for this process by applying a special serum. After the serum, keratin is applied to the eyelashes. Keratin helps make the hair of the eyelashes brighter and more beautiful. After this process is completed, the dye is applied to the eyelashes and the color is darker. Finally, a vitamin support is applied to the eyelashes. The eyelash lift procedure takes about 1 hour, but this time may increase or decrease depending on the structure of your eyelashes.

During the first 24 hours after the eyelash lift procedure, you should avoid contact with your eyelashes with water and applying makeup.

How long is the eyelashes lift operation?

Eyelash lift is a temporary cosmetic procedure. in the middle Working time It ranges between 6 and 8 weeks. After this period, it must be processed again. The specialist must decide how long to wait between two procedures.

Eyelash lifters and their comments

Is eyelashes lifting harmful?

The materials used in the eyelash lift process contain fewer chemicals than other eyelash applications. If you have a history of allergies or have sensitive skin, it is best to consult a dermatologist before the procedure.

Do eyelashes lose eyelashes?

The eyelash lifting process ensures that the eyelashes are cleaned better and do not contain a lot of chemicals. any tested Eyelash loss It has no side effects.

Eyelash lift price 2023

Although it varies according to the place and materials that will undergo the procedure, it is an average. eyelash lift 2023 price It ranges from 500 TL to 1,500 TL.

Eyelash lifters and their comments

“I did it two years ago for the first time and since then I’ve done it over and over again. I haven’t seen any hurt yet, nor have I had problems like eyelashes falling out. It’s a small problem that it goes away in a short time. I wish it could be used for longer.”

“I did it for the first time and it will take almost 2 months and it still looks like the day it was made. My lashes turned in a bit and I always had to use a curler. I’m glad I got rid of that hassle. Used for 2-3 months max. Thinking of Doing it again. Since my eyelashes also darken after the procedure, I sometimes don’t wear mascara, it really has the same look as mascara. I recommend.”

“If you are going to do it in a place you trust, you can do it with peace of mind. You do not feel any irritation, pain, etc. during the procedure and it does not happen afterwards. You can also swim in the sea and the pool. When you wake up in the morning, you start the day with eyes like in movies Disney”.

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