What is Algae Peeling? What does it do? How effective?

Often in demand among cosmetic masks seaweed peelingwhich contains spirulina algae and vitamins in the composition of these algae. Algeic peeling Also known as an algae peel, it consists of a blend of 12 different seaweeds and natural ingredients.

Benefits of Algae Peeling

  • It cleanses the skin.
  • It satisfies the skin’s need for moisture.
  • Nourishes and regenerates the skin.
  • Accelerates blood circulation and provides cell regeneration.
  • Fights acne and acne problems.
What does an algae peel do?
  • Clears the skin of toxins.
  • By slowing down skin aging, it allows you to get fresher skin.
  • Changes age spots.
  • This allows you to have brighter and brighter skin.

Who is a seaweed peel suitable for?

Seaweed peeling can be applied to all age groups, pregnant women, people with rosacea (rosacea), people with sensitive skin and skin with rosacea.

How many seaweed peeling sessions?

Usually spend 3 sessions. However, the number and intervals of these sessions vary depending on the person’s skin problem.

How effective is seaweed peeling?

It treats many skin problems such as acne, acne scars and scars, sun damage, blackheads, open and clogged pores, age spots, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and even skin tone. The application of alginate peeling penetrates 3.5 mm under the skin with a light massage of the skin surface and shows its effect within 72 hours.

Care after peeling with seaweed

  • Drink plenty of water after use.
  • After application, care should be taken to avoid skin contact with water for 1 day.
  • Since the skin may be dry, a cream recommended by a specialist should be used regularly.
  • Sunscreen should be applied every 3 hours.
  • Sunbathing or visiting the solarium is not recommended.
  • The number of sessions recommended by the specialist should be performed.

Algae Peeling Reviews

  • “I did it twice because of the three day period. While I didn’t see much of a difference the first time, my face was definitely brighter, healthier and whiter the second time around. I didn’t go ahead because I couldn’t afford a three day challenge and didn’t need an open face peel, but maybe I’ll do it these winter days, who knows?”

  • “Although I have an extremely high pain threshold, it hurt like I had a bag of pins thrown over my face during the 10-minute application. They say that her spots are no older than 7 years. I did this for tiny pimples on my face when I was pregnant. I regretted the pain when I did it, but they say it’s worth it, when they see the result, we’ll see.”

  • “I think by the second session my spots will be completely erased, their colors have become incredibly light. Unfortunately, one session did not help those with pits. By the way, new pimples began due to the fact that I had my period, I don’t know if it’s the vomiting of those under the skin, as the expert said, or acne caused by menstruation. I also doubt the sunscreen they sell to me because it is a sunscreen and I can’t find any reviews online. I stopped using it on my face and use it as a hand cream. If you have an active acne problem, try to get rid of the pimples first, because mine didn’t go away, but if you have problems with spotting, I recommend this, even one session shows a visible improvement.

Is algae peeling harmful?

During Algea peeling, micro-holes are made on the surface of the skin and the skin is not anesthetized before this procedure. In other words, during the procedure, a slight burning and tingling sensation may occur on the skin. However, this feeling varies from person to person. In short, it depends on the pain threshold.

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