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The choice of perfume is very, very important. According to research, the history of perfumes dates back to the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations.

Smells good is part of good grooming. It is important to smell as good as it looks good. Perfume also helps to increase a person’s sense of self-confidence.

What are the perfume notes?

areas where the fragrance is more lasting; Between the knees, neck, chest and inner arms. The first condition for an impressive and beautiful perfume is clean skin. It is very important to clean the area for the scent to be effective. Spraying perfume on the cleaned area helps the scent to penetrate the body by keeping it stable for a long time.

Not every scent feels the same on every skin. You can find the scent that best suits your skin and create your own. In perfumes, notes are the opening stages of a fragrance. It consists of 3 stages such as upper, middle and lower notes.

What are the perfume notes?

What are the perfume notes?

top note It is the first scent heard when squeezing perfume. It is the essence that lasts the shortest time. It is the first scent you feel when you buy perfume. Its effect lasts only a few minutes. The most common of these are citrus oils, such as orange, lemon, and bergamot, with light fruity and aromatic fragrances.

middle note The second level, which is the most important part of the perfume, is the heart notes, which are the most important part of the perfume, which appear with the disappearance of the influence of the upper notes. The scent of a perfume is the scent that you feel for an average of 10 minutes to 2 hours. Carnation, geranium, rose, lemon, narcissus, honeysuckle, jasmine, lilac, coconut, magnolia, coriander, orchid, peony, violet, water lily can be given as examples of middle notes. It becomes apparent when the fragrance settles on the skin. It has soft, very inconspicuous scents.

Final notes It is the scent of longevity that emerges merging with the scent of leather after hours have passed. Also known as the main note. Along with the middle note, this is the part that reveals the main idea of ​​the perfume and its success. It has perfume types consisting of bark, musk, oakmoss, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, woods and resin types.



In order for us to smell good and dazzling all the time, we need to use good scents. A pleasant scent that energizes people and makes them spread happiness around them. The choice of perfume is very important. You can find the fragrance that suits your skin and gives you a sense of longevity.

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