What are the make-up sponge and what types?

A make-up sponge is a must-have material for the successful application of make-up techniques. Although it is generally thought of as being used for foundation applications, it facilitates the application of everything from powder to shimmer to the skin.

What is a makeup sponge?

The material used to evenly spread cosmetics on the skin is the most general answer to the question of what is the name of the makeup sponge. The makeup sponge can also be used with all cosmetics that need to be dabbed on the surface of the skin such as foundation, concealer, highlighter and shimmer.

What is the name of the makeup sponge?

The makeup sponge is also known as a beauty blender. You can see this statement on the products of many brands. For this reason, we can answer the question of what a beauty blender is a “makeup sponge”.

What are the types of makeup sponges?

You can choose the type of product that best suits your purpose or use. We can give the following examples of the most common types of makeup sponges:

Egg sponge

It is one of the most ideal makeup sponges for applying cosmetics in cream or liquid form completely all over the face. Since it’s egg-shaped, it adapts to every part of the face, including under the eyes. We can say that it is the most preferred type of beauty blender.

Makeup sponge and wedge

It is used to apply tampons to areas such as the eyebrows and cleft palate. Thanks to its flat shape, you can easily give it the shape you want by hand. It is a product suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Silicone makeup sponges

The advantage of silicone makeup sponges is that they do not absorb makeup. This is why it is often preferred by those who care about saving. If you prefer a silicone sponge, first apply the make-up material to the face with your hand and then spread it with a sponge.

How to use a makeup sponge?

In order to use them properly, you must also know the answer to the question of what a makeup sponge is used for. Because these materials are not used like make-up cotton. It is used to apply and distribute various substances on the face with a gentler motion.

  • Fill a clean bowl with water.
  • Dip the makeup sponge in the water and squeeze out the water. This way you will keep it moist. However, this process is not required for silicone makeup sponges.
  • Pour some of your face paint onto the sponge.
  • Spread the cosmetics evenly with the sponge, pressing gently on the face area.

What should you know when buying a makeup sponge?

Those who are going to use makeup sponges for the first time wonder what the makeup sponge is used for, and also answer the question of what to buy by paying attention to it. Here are the things to watch out for…

  • The surface must be smooth
  • It should be of perfect smoothness.
  • Easy to clean
  • The pores on it should not be too wide
  • It must be made of high quality and harmless materials.
  • It shouldn’t be too big or too small

How to clean the makeup sponge?

How to clean soap or makeup remover gel and makeup sponge will answer your question. At the same time, materials in the form of foam that are used to clean makeup can be a suitable option for those who are talking about how to clean a makeup sponge.

    • Put warm water in a bowl.
    • Add some soap or makeup remover to the water and lather.
    • Place the sponge in the bowl and tap it a few times until it absorbs the water.
    • If necessary, change the water and repeat this process several times.
    • Rinse it well by squeezing the sponge in running water.
    • Let it dry.
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