What are the colors of December 2021?


The most beautiful month of winter is December, when we move step by step into the new year. Eyes turn to December colors, trendy pieces, fashion and combinations. Good, Colors of December 2021 which? Irreplaceable colors of the winter months; black, navy blue, earthy and coffee tones are also on the shelves this season.

What makes 2021 different from other years is that in addition to these colors, bits of summer colors like orange, red and purple have been added. December 2021 includes the colors of summer.

Reflection of nature; Use of green

Green combinations come out in order not to make us miss the lack of green, which in nature becomes less in the winter months! We will see every shade of green more than in December 2021. Energize winter by shopping for a few pieces in your favorite greens.

winter outfit suggestions

You can get a green dress and pair it comfortably with cowboy boots. And you can choose a coat or coat, using the green color in outerwear. You can get a stylish, young and dynamic look. Colors of December 2021 When you say green, the first thing that comes to mind is green, it should be included in one or more of your creations.

Carry a lavender garden with you; Purple Combinations

Violet color and its shades; It looks like this winter will be before our eyes like never before. We recommend combining purple, especially with lilac. This romantic yet elegant color harmony will give you the effortless elegance and elegance you need in winter.

winter purple combination suggestions
winter purple combination suggestions

A common point of charm and elegance; Ambitious red combinations

Each shade of red conquers the December cold with its charm! Incorporate burgundy and daffodil into your wardrobe, some of the sweetest tones to use with patterns and other colors. From the bag to the coat, from the belt to the trousers, red; It will add movement, charm and elegance to your combinations.

Summer orange breeze; Orange combinations

Orange and its shades, one of the most used colors in summer, are gradually finding their place in December. How about turning into the winter sun with an orange?

orange sweater combinations
orange sweater combinations

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You’ll love using this color, which reflects its energy even better in soft-textured sweaters and coats, in December. As a color that doesn’t come to mind when it comes to the December 2021 colors, you can pair orange, especially with shades of green and navy blue, to bring out the vibrancy of the color.

Accessories Best Optional; Peach colour

peach colour; Even if it is not used in large and basic items such as coats, boots or trousers, it can be easily used in additional accessories such as bags, jewelry or belts. You can get a very classy look with tones like earth or tiles.

peach color tips
peach color tips

What are the colors and favorite pieces of December?

Other bright colors of December 2021; ice blue, taupe, tile tones, army green and beige.

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leather skirt combination
leather skirt combination

These outstanding colors;

  • Basic Long Sleeve Tops
  • In thick coats that end below the knee
  • Additional items such as scarves, berets, gloves or scarves
  • In your boots that end above the knee
  • in knitted dresses
  • In padded jackets
  • On your leather jackets and skirts
  • You can even use it on nail polish or beauty products.

When you use the right colors with the right details; You can easily achieve a young, stylish and dynamic look. Colors of December 2021 Items that you can use for years should definitely find a place in your closet.

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