What are some beauty trends from the past few years that you’ve tried?

Once upon a time, I loved an accent nail

It’s crazy to me how beauty trends are constantly evolving and changing, and how our tastes for these trends are changing!

For example, I remember when accent nails first hit the scene and I thought it was a little weird to have one nail in a different color, but eventually I came to like it and rock it all the time. Was this 2013 or 2014?

Anyway, now, years later, I prefer to have a more traditional mani with just one color all over my fingers. No more accent nails for me (for now, at least).

A few other trends over the past few years that I’ve tried, in no particular order…

  • Bold eyebrows – I even went through an intense phase where I did an intricate routine with sculpted brows, OMG!
  • Nose sculpting – I did this for a while and loved how it looked in the pictures, but then stopped doing it when I felt like I *had* to do it every day just to get out of the house. I think feeling like I needed to correct the shape of my nose made me realize there was something wrong with my features, and I didn’t think that was mentally healthy for me in the long run. So I stopped.
  • Exposed lips Again, I love how this looked in the pictures. But in real life, I think it might have looked like I couldn’t tell where my true lip line was. very funny! At the time I thought it was cute.
  • Intense bronzer – Oh man, I wore a lot circa 2014!

What about you? What are some beauty trends you’ve experimented with in the past few years? Do you still love them?

Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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