Types of incorporation

There are many types of foundations on the market. Foundation helps smooth your face and prepares it for makeup. Choosing a foundation is very important for smooth-looking skin and successful makeup results. The main thing for us is to choose the most suitable foundation for our skin. Let’s examine the types of foundation together;

Incorporation types

1- Liquid foundation
The texture of these foundations goes from thin to thick and provides us with low to high coverage. It is the most preferred foundation cream as it is fluid and thus easy to apply. When applied to the face, it creates a thin film and provides a natural look. These foundations are designed to be suitable for all skin types. Although some experts say that the best results are obtained with the heat of our fingers when applying liquid foundation, these foundations are usually applied with the help of a damp sponge and brush.

2- Foundation cream
It is generally preferred by those with dry skin. Because of its oily texture, it remains thick and layered on the skin. Since it has an oil base, it is very durable, blends into the skin and provides a long-lasting wear. For dry skin, it can be used to act as a primer and to meet the skin’s moisture needs.

3- Powder foundation
These foundations, which are generally produced in cream form, create a smooth appearance when combined with the skin. This type of foundation is very good at covering skin imperfections, but it also carries the risk of accentuating wrinkles. Most of them have a matte finish, and there is no need to use powder, so it is a foundation that can be preferred by normal, combination and oily skin. The most natural result is obtained by applying a damp sponge.

40081 b4- Stick foundation
It is the type of foundation that covers skin imperfections best. It is a foundation that should be avoided by those with oily skin and severe discoloration, as it has a slightly oily consistency. When applying this kind of foundation, it is best to put dots on our skin first and then spread it out. If we powder our foundation and finish our makeup, we will prevent oiliness.

5-powder foundation
Unlike an oily foundation, it does not clog pores, so it reduces the risk of acne and acne formation. Because it contains minerals and vitamins, it also shows the effect of skin care during makeup. When applying these powder foundations, the best results are obtained from powder brushes, while applying firm powder foundations, the best results are obtained from thin sponges.

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