Tone Drive What is Tone? How to make tons ride tons of clothes?


Taking its place in clothing, decor, beauty and care drive tons what is it and how to make tons of tone?

In fact, we are talking about a fashionable term that we all know and have already used in our lives. When you read this, you will say, “Oh, we’re already doing it.” You say.

This term, which is not alien to us, was taken from the catwalk to the streets and has become popular recently. tonsils We will provide information about

Tone Drive What is Tone?

tone drive tone word Translated from French into our language and English tone on tone This means using colors of the same tone together. This term, which came from the catwalks, eventually turned into other areas of our lives.

Colors to match

Tonsure is used not only in clothing. For example tonsillar makeup, tonsillar decoration as well as tonal nail polish can see.

Tonsure makeup For example, you have peach lipstick, orange eyeshadow and peach tones on your cheeks.

drive tons
Tonsure make-up model

By applying nail polish colors that are close to each other and capture harmony in similar colors. Tonsure nail polish You go.

drive tons
Tons of nail polish

Finally tonsillar decorationis to incorporate any color and shades of that color into your home decoration.

This type of decoration is usually preferred by people who lead a simple lifestyle. Also, let’s not forget that decorating your home in the same colors will add a very attractive look.

tonsure decoration

What colors should be used in home decoration? You can take a look at the colors that will make you happy at home by checking out our article series.

How is the tonsure combination created?

Contrasting color – combine contrasting colors do (color blocking) is often difficult. The important thing is which two contrasting colors are combined with each other in order to attract attention without tiring the eyes. Therefore, combinations with contrasting colors are not for every brave man.

drive tons
Contrasting color combinations

Furthermore in contrasting color combinations You can look stylish or like a clown. Therefore, although from a distance it may seem that it is easy to dress fashionably, you can dress correctly and beautifully thanks to your little nuances.

However, it is always easier to combine the same colors. With cream, camel, gray and brown tones for beginners tonsillar clothing style you can get.

The elegance of tonsure

ladies in hijab tonsurton hijab fashion Interprets very well. You can complete your own style by looking at hijab fashion bloggers.

drive tons
tonsurton hijab

You can see the course of tonsurton in men’s fashion.

drive tons
tonsillitis male
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