Today’s Beauty: What are your summer hair problems?

My baby’s crazy hair says hello

Is it just me or does summer bring a new crop of hair woes?

Case in point: I’m back in the habit of washing my hair every day, which isn’t great for the whole “my hair is getting thinner” thing.

It’s really good for allergies, though, so don’t sleep with live hair outside all day.

And because I seem to have been getting a lot more sweaty lately (I think it’s because I’m trying to hit the goal of hitting 10,000 steps a day), my roots look greasy than usual, and the idea of ​​sleeping with a sweaty, sweaty scalp isn’t appealing either.

Anyway, this morning I stood in my bathroom staring at my cooler in the mirror and wondered if I should bother styling it.

Why fuss with bangs or wrestle with a curling iron when I’m going to put it in a ponytail all day and wash it out tonight anyway?

Ah, you have problems pretty girl. very funny!

I still love the idea of ​​getting at least a little bit of a hairstyle! Because of this I am thinking of venturing into the realm of air dry creams; They’re kind of like hair gels, but with a smoother consistency, and some even have moisturizing benefits. There’s one from JVN (I love it) that looked promising, but when I went to Sephora to check it out last year, I was kind of overwhelmed by the scent. I don’t know, it looks really nice on paper, so I’ll go back and give it another chance.

What about you? What are your current summer hair problems?

Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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