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Conservative clothing includes some criteria with certain boundaries. Being within these limits, it is sometimes difficult and difficult to make both stylish and useful combinations at the same time. Suggestions for a conservative combination There are several key points to consider. The details, colors and fabrics that will be used make a big difference.

Conservative combined use of a tunic

When it comes to conservative combinations, tunics come to mind first. These products, which look very good on the areas of the body that we want to cover, are produced in many colors and patterns.

tunic matching suggestions 2020

Thus, tunics can be worn at any time of the year; While it helps achieve sporty elegance when paired with pieces like denim jackets, it creates an elegant vibe when paired with pieces like heels or coats.

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Office combinations in conservative clothes

The elegance of the office is at the forefront of the points that are least considered and often overlooked in conservative combination proposals. Designers in the fashion world have a hand in this situation and present various products for you to capture office elegance. Office elegance requires both comfortable and assertive combinations.

combinations of office style in hijab
combinations of office style in hijab

Details with which you can achieve office elegance in the workplace;

  • wide pants
  • Tunics with long sleeves ending below the knee
  • chunky heel boots
  • Long earthy coats
  • Jackets with a thickness suitable for seasonal conditions
  • Opt for plain colored or plain scarves.
  • Suggestions for conservative combinations
    Recommendations for a conservative combination

Selection of bags and jewelry in conservative combinations

The most important pieces to complete combinations are shoes, bags and jewelry. The most important moment of conservative combinations is the harmony of your shoes or bag with the color and pattern of the scarf. Even if the bag and shoes don’t quite match, it’s essential that these items are compatible with scarves to achieve a stylish look. The choice of color in clothes to be worn in business life is also an important point.

fashion muslim outfits
fashion muslim outfits

First step for conservative combination proposals; solid colors such as black or navy blue are chosen. In addition, you can safely choose patterned clothes with these flowers in the foreground. When choosing combinations for the office, you need to pay attention to the choice of shoes.

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The importance of choosing the right shoes

Comfortable shoes are essential. Because you don’t want to tire your legs and cause any harm to your health in an average of 8-10 hours of work. In offices, ladies in hijabs often prefer tunic dresses to trousers.

office hijab pants
office hijab pants

If the parts to be used in these combinations have a pattern, the rest of the parts should be chosen in one color. To achieve office elegance, caps should be considered along with tunic and vest sets. From these things you can create quite stylish combinations. Plain cups can also be preferred over skinny or wide trousers.

Elegance and comfort in conservative clothing

Ladies who want to achieve elegance with conservative combinations, but at the same time want to feel comfortable, can also create combinations using a tunic or dress pants. You can get conservative clothing in a stylish and comfortable way.

white hijab combination suggestions
white hijab combination suggestions

Among the trends that have appeared in recent years, shabby suits in brown tones come to the fore. We are confident that you will be among the most stylish people in the office if you complement the worn tunics that mark the season every season with a classic shawl.

Three things you need to achieve elegance in your business life:

  • Comfort,
  • Frequency,
  • Simplicity.

When you make combinations that fully contain these three elements, you have overcome the most difficult part of the work. In addition to these basic steps, other important points that make combinations beautiful are that the chosen garment has a unique design and high quality fabric. In this way, you can get stylish combinations, revealing your style in the best possible way.

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