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Despite the fact that we do not fully feel spring due to weather conditions, we continue to prepare our bodies for spring. Do you know about the benefits of parsley tea, another source of healing hidden in our kitchens?
Parsley tea, which is a complete detox fighter, is high in antioxidants. Thanks to the vitamins A and C it contains, it helps to strengthen our immune system. Parsley tea, which has been seen to prevent DNA damage, is among the anti-cancer foods with this feature, according to research. By balancing blood sugar levels, it prevents fatty liver disease. Miracle tea, which is also a strong anti-inflammatory agent, helps eliminate inflammation in the body.
Making parsley tea that doesn’t end with counting the benefits is just as easy. We add parsley per serving to boiling water on the stove, in the proportion we want, a pinch per serving. Then turn off the boiling water with parsley and leave for 4-5 minutes. We strain parsley tea, which we can flavor with flavors like cinnamon sticks, half an apple, lemon. Our tea is ready to cleanse our body of toxins.
As with all medicinal plants, we would like to remind you that parsley tea should be used under medical supervision if we are using a medicine if we have a special condition related to our health.
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