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Good morning everyone, happy new week. Time to get to work, school, to-do list. Good sleep is essential to start the day with all our energy. So, can we sleep soundly in such a rush, in such a busy pace of life, with long lists that we keep in our heads?

Even if it’s only for 15 minutes in the evening, how about dedicate yourself, take a break from everything for a while, or maybe drink our magic tea with sweet music and guarantee yourself a wonderful dream and a much more cheerful next day? Here is a magical sleep tea recipe for silent heroes who carry so much and keep life in order for themselves and those around them.

Melissa (1 pinch)
Star anise (1 pc)
Chamomile (1 pinch)
Fennel (1 teaspoon)

Let’s boil these unique herbs, each of which has the ability to relax, relax and soothe, in about 500 ml of water, no more than 3-4 minutes. Turn off the fire, let it brew for a few minutes and our tea is ready. Let’s fill our glass, drink slowly in the corner where we feel most comfortable, and leave the rest to our tea.

May we all have a wonderful week.

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