Surfing Saturday, June 3, 2023!

Welcome to Good Brow Day

Hello and Happy Caturday!

Yesterday I had a pretty amazing day, so of course, I had to document that for boom, ha!

I went to lunch with a friend yesterday who loves beauty as much as I do (Hi, Marisol!), and we spent quite a bit of time talking about how the texture of our hair has seemingly changed overnight in the past few years.

Apparently, it was all fun and games until we hit our 40s. We talked at length about how our hair now needs more intensive care than it did before. I feel like i’m always looking for moisturizing products that won’t weigh my hair down. If you know anything, please help a lady.

What are your plans for today? I’ll go get another cup of coffee, and then we’ll have errands to run.

Before you go off on your adventures, here’s some weekend reading for you.

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Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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