Surfing Saturday, June 10th, 2023!

It’s a colorful kind of Saturday

Good morning and happy Saturday!

I’m still riding a huge wave of Christmas cheer and wanted to thank you for your good wishes and for sharing your sweet stories of good things that have happened to you lately. Brought a smile to my face.

Beauty-wise, how pretty is this rainbow nail polish from Olive & June? A friend gave me the mani system for my birthday, and after several weeks of dark, moody Chanel nails, I thought it was time for something bright.

These shades are from the Olive & June summer collection. From left to right …

  • starshower – Transparent rose gold glitter
  • How do you spell infernal? – hot purple lilac
  • flower pot Orange terracotta
  • bocce ball Fresh green grass
  • not cloud Pure blue leather
  • O&J House Deep royal mauve
  • top coat – Glossy top coat

Do you do manicures today too? If yes, what color?

Read this week

  • 9 blush sticks for those who love the effortless summer makeup look (aka me!).
  • Of course, Stevie Nicks is on this list of 15 beauty artists who inspire ’70s-style summer makeup.
  • Get the look of glossy lids.
  • Quantas, Australia’s national airline, will drop its uniform gender-based guidelines. Now male cabin crew can wear makeup, and women can choose to ditch the heels.
  • If your makeup is splattering, here’s what to do to stop it.
  • Here are some fragrances for the next time you want to evoke the scent and vibrancy of the American desert. Side note: I really want to smell Estee Lauder Desert Eden right now. You know I love the pink note!
  • Can perfume brands create a truly sustainable scent?
  • Honestly, I love the roller ball.

Music of my formative years!

I love the low maintenance part

I did this the other day and it was so much fun

pretty purple

Ohhemgee, SUN IN!

One of the greats

I hope the rest of the weekend was relaxing and peaceful.

Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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