Surfing Saturday, July 8th, 2023!

On Saturday a little lol

Whoever wrote that title, “The Chicken Coop for the Soul?” very funny! Makes me laugh so hard…

I saw a few chicken coops at the hardware store about a week ago. I’ve never raised chickens before, but for some reason I’m fond of the idea of ​​living on a small farm with a cute little chicken coop!

Ideally in this scenario, I would help feed the chickens and clean up the excrement, but something tells me if that happened in real life, I’d end up fully responsible for the whole pack and caboodle. So, the mother will give the opportunity to raise the chicks with a difficult pass. Ha ha ha!

Anyway, enough about the chicken and Happy Saturday to you! what will you do today? I hope you have some fun plans that include being outside.

Enjoy this beautiful weekend, okay?

Read this week

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  • Oh, I want to smell Rose de Grasse Rouge!
  • Sunny holiday scents.
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Be kind to yourself

I wanted one of those

Because I am forever trying to eat enough protein

You can never get enough sunscreen

This song makes me wish I had feather hair to go around while I was skating

Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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