Sunday With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 765

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Well, with it being the unofficial start of summer and all that, we’ve had a lot of outdoor adventures on our minds here at Tabs the Cat Industries, LLC.

As usual, I did monthly maintenance to kick off the summer on my favorite tabby grill.

We had so many good times using this grill… You know, Tabs was such a social butterfly, so naturally, just about every other weekend in the summer, HQ would be packed with his friends, family, and business associates. Tabs was firing up the grill while simultaneously hosting dozens and dozens of cats and, occasionally, a VIP human.

I think it originally started as a corporate networking angle, but I think in the end he just loved entertaining.

I think he also loved the gluttonous part of it… You know, you can’t keep that cat away from a well-seasoned, well-cooked piece of meat.

I sure miss the kabobs…

Of course, grilling wasn’t his only outdoor pastime. Basically, he just liked being outside.


Even though we all know Rosie is a workaholic, she does slow down a little too much for the summer.

I’ve had her spend some time outdoors with me this year and have found that she enjoys BBQs and fun picnics.

I do have to encourage her again and again to take some time to socialize, though, rather than just exploring the flora and fauna around her.

She gets better at it.

Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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