Sunday With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 757


So, Rosie has started a new hobby… Yes, I recently read a study on how hobbies can improve your brainpower, so she decided to take up birdkeeping.

The truth is, she tried a few other things first, like the jazz workout, but nothing captured her interest quite like the birds.

I was a little surprised by this as it is not a bird. No, she’s 100% mice, and we know that because she loves to chase after her toy mouse and carry it in her mouth, crying in the middle of the night so everyone knows she’s a great hunter.

Anyway, she’s been getting to know all the birds in the neighborhood, and I’ve been tasked with keeping a running list for them.

Interestingly, they’ve already identified 12 completely distinct local turkey rings, and there are more that you haven’t found yet! Who knows?

When I asked Rosie how she knew so much about the sociology of Turkey, she reminded me that she taught a course on it at Chico State University last fall.

Since we’re on the subject of birds, Tabs was an avid birder, and not just for amateurish reasons. It was also because he couldn’t help himself… He’d spend hours pattering at the window, squinting and clucking, crackling, squinting, and when I reminded him of his various appointments, he’d just ignore me.

tab windows

Side note: did I ever tell you about the time Tabs was having a snobby and I had to tell Karl Lagerfeld that Tabs was a jerk?

It wasn’t pretty.

Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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