Sunday With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 755

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Tabs was addicted to catnip.

He got into things. loved it. He loved to roll in it, wrestle with it, chew on it, and rub it all over his pretty body and pretend to hide in thick fields of it.

It was one of his favorite “meowing” ways to treat himself.

And it wasn’t a secret. Everyone knows how it feels about catnip. I mean, he’s starred in more than 20 top-tier, multi-million dollar beauty ad campaigns for catnip-infused products.

To be honest, he was crazy about it.


Rosie, on the other hand, doesn’t derive the same pleasure from catnip that Tubbs used to do, but she is, you know, a mercurial cat scientist and semi-professional cat walker.

She loves hiking, and one of the reasons for that is her vegan activities. She knows a lot about chemistry, and she is always searching for different rare plants with unique scientific properties.

Like, her research indicates that there is a rare subspecies of catnip in the Novato region that has the ability to turn humans into cats.

She hopes to find a sample this spring in the hills of Novato and bring it back to her lab, where she hopes to isolate its beneficial properties.

She needs help making it happen, so she enlisted my help and that of her newest assistant, Connor, to accompany her on these expeditions.

I’ve been with her on three rides so far, and I really enjoy myself. It’s so cool to be able to watch a true genius at work in this field… I mean literally in the field.

Rosie says we’re getting closer to making a landmark discovery. She thinks we’ve limited our search to one remaining hill, and shuffles Transformation of Nepeta Kataria We will soon!

Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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