Sunday With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 753

The ride back from Stockholm this morning was a bit bumpy, but Rosie is definitely happy to be back home.

As you know, she won her first Nobel Cat Prize (of many) this year for her pioneering research into creating the world’s most delicious and nutritious cat food. With her team of dedicated scientists at the Cat Treat Research Institute (CTRI), they’ve created some amazing new treats that she can’t wait to share, including a new tuna-flavored crunchy made with 100% cheese.

For cats living in inland countries far from the ocean, it promises to greatly improve their quality of life.

The view from Rosie’s room in a 5-star hotel in Stockholm the night before she receives the Nobel Prize for cats.

She only spent two days in Stockholm, but spent one of them sightseeing with her friend Dr. Coco, who is also a famous turbiologist.

Wait — did I mention the Nobel Prize for a cat before? I just realized I’m not sure I told you that.

Yes! She was overjoyed and honored by the news. She had dreamed of winning the Nobel Cat Prize since she was a kitten, so this was one of her greatest accomplishments.

We are all so proud…

tab windows

Tabs was, of course, remarkable in many ways, but he was more of a party animal than a scientist.

When it comes to cat treats, he has been involved in developing new cat treats, but has always been more interested in eating cat food than making it…

He was better known for his great modeling and ability to throw great parties than for his work in the kitchen or research lab.

Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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