Summer beauty buddies: The must-haves for Pool Days from Bioderma and Naturium

It’s a pool summer

This might be a “rough summer” for Bananarama and Taylor Swift, but for us summer has been a splash. very funny!

Connor and I spent a lot of time in the pool, and between cannonballs, underwater benches, and sharing pizza with neighbors and friends, there was plenty of sunscreen.

Water baby!

Every hour on the clock, a timer on my phone beeps to remind us to reapply another layer. We’ve been pretty good about it so far!

It’s summer in the pool

All that sunscreen has to pay off in the end, which is why today’s summer beauty buddies, oil cleansers, are BFFs for pool day. Shout out to Bioderma Atoderm Cleansing Oil and Naturium Camellia Fermented Cream Cleansing Oil for easy removal of the waterproof stuff.

Love her

I’m sure you’ve double cleansed with an oil cleanser for your face, but have you considered doing something similar for your body? If you have a hard time removing zinc or waterproof sunscreen, double cleansing is a game changer! It’s much easier.

Before hopping in the shower, I rub a few pumps of Bioderma Oil on areas of my body where I apply sunscreen—my arms, legs, chest, and back. I do the same thing with my face and neck using Naturium Creamy Cleansing Oil.

The oil breaks down the sunscreen so it melts easily in the shower.

When I hop into the shower, I use a soft washcloth to remove the oil and sunscreen, then follow up with a foaming shower gel on my body and facial cleanser for an extra clean.

It’s so good that you don’t have to scrub, especially when i put on the zinc mineral sunscreen. It just got easier and faster with the first oil cleaning.

If you can’t find Bioderma Atoderm, another thing you can try is a makeup removing balm in a jar. I like the ones by elf and Naturium.

Mentally I am here today

Have you spent any time in the water yet this summer? I don’t know, I used to just love the beach, but now I have a new appreciation for the pool. It’s easier for me to watch the kids when they’re all in an enclosed space, and I don’t have to deal with the element of waves and currents. I also like having easy access to chairs, tables, and shade umbrellas, and knowing I can easily go to the bathroom. Maybe it’s something to grow up? Or become a parent?

Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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