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We would like to talk about stinging nettle, which is one of the sources of healing precisely in the season when spring comes, the mountains and hills turn green, and thousands of herbs begin to show themselves in size.
Native to northern Asia, stinging nettle has spread throughout almost the entire world in its history. When the plant, which causes a burning sensation to the touch, is consumed in the form of a tea, the caustic acids contained in it lose their effect and are ready to be consumed as a complete healing source.
Stinging nettle plays an important role in cardiovascular diseases. It lowers blood pressure and reduces stress on the circulatory system. While it helps cleanse and prevent kidney stones and sand, it also provides protection against urinary tract infections. Thanks to the content of iron and vitamin C, it increases the number of red blood cells and acts against chronic fatigue and anemia. Nettle tea, which also helps with breathing problems and allergic disorders, has a relaxing effect on arthritis of the knees, hands and joints.
Brewing tea that gives such a miraculous effect is just as simple. It is enough to throw dried nettle leaves into boiling water and leave for five minutes.
How about taking advantage of this healing tea that nature offers us?

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