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May this week bring beauty to all of us as we prepare to welcome spring. Let the enthusiasm of spring awaken in us like the awakening of nature, water, soil and air. Let weights be erased, new excitements, new hopes will blossom.
How about getting your mind and body ready for spring this week? In many beliefs, spring symbolizes farewell to the old, making room for the new, renewal and the beginning of a new life. Spring cleaning is one of the great rituals that began in preparation for the spring celebrations that lasted days and nights. Gathering everything around our home, creating new spaces with small touches, throwing out unused ones, renewing their energy not only visually, but also giving us the strength to organize problems in our brain, overcome them and turn them into the flow we want. We can prepare for spring just like we prepare our house. We can start by solving that tedious problem that has been in the back of our minds for a long time, if we can, by saying goodbye to it if we can’t, watering our feelings that need us for a long time, as if we are taking care of our plants that we can’t take care of by taking them out of boxes and bringing them to life. We can write all day about what’s on our minds, which experts say is a much easier way to start understanding what’s inside us and taking action.
Of course, we do not neglect our body as long as our house is ready to welcome spring, on the one hand, and our mind and soul, on the other. With a week-long detox after a good day of grooming, we can help get rid of the residue accumulated over the winter and rejuvenate. Here is a spring detox recipe that is practical and effective. We can put in a blender 1 glass of water, juice of half a lemon, 3-4 leaves of arugula, a pinch of parsley, 1 pinch of dill, 2 flakes of ginger, 1 green apple and consume it every day for 1 week. . During this week, we can take care to eat lightly and not eat as late as possible.
May we have a wonderful spring.

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