Something to watch next time you’re Netflixin: “The Diplomat”. Some cosmetic stuff I recently purchased from CVS

She’s kind of grumpy, and I love him.

I recently watched “The Diplomat,” a fast-paced political thriller on Netflix starring Keri Russell as Kathryn Wheeler, a US ambassador dealing with an international crisis.

Right after I finished the first season, I watched it again – partly because the story is really good, and partly because the dialogue comes to you so quickly the first time that it’s hard to wrap your head around all the details.

I also find it refreshing to see female characters who work great jobs and don’t look overly polished. Katherine’s character regularly seems like she’s too busy with work to bother running a brush through her hair, which I can appreciate.

Put it on your list if you are a drama fanatic!

It’s not about Netflixing at all, but I finally used a 30% off coupon at CVS to purchase a few beauty-related things I’ve been wanting to try.

First up is this huge bottle of Bioderma Cleansing Oil for dry and sensitive skin.

The latest treasure from CVS!

I use it as a first cleanse of my body to remove waterproof sunscreen by rubbing it on dry skin before showering. The bottle says you can also use it on your face as well, which impressed me because all in all i don’t have to buy a separate cleansing oil to remove my makeup. It has a delicate, vaguely floral scent that I don’t dislike.

I also purchased an unflavored collagen protein powder from Vital Proteins. It’s supposed to “help support” (whatever that means) hair, skin, nails, bones, and joints, but I bought it mainly because I thought I could use it to sneak more protein into my day.

I use 2 tablespoons, which is about 9 grams, in my morning coffee to boost my protein intake for breakfast. I like that it does not spoil the texture or flavor of my drink and that it is the least egg i have to have in the morning, lol! However, the jury is out on whether it makes a difference with anything else. If it helps my hair (I feel so much thinner now that I’m in my 40s), I’ll take it.

Hope your Wednesday is going well!

Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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