Sephora VIB Sale Recommendation: Tower 28 Pistachio AKA the * BEST * Purse Gloss | Fancy Lady Tea in Crown and Crumb

I’m wearing Tower 28 Milky Lip Jelly in the color Pistachio

Welcome! happy Wednesday. The savings event at Sephora is coming soon (see here for details). If you’re looking for an easy-to-wear gloss that you can slip in your purse, consider adding Tower 28 Shine On Milky Lip Jelly in Pistachio ($16) to your wish list.

It’s a semi-sheer, moisturizing pink gloss that I’ve been wearing steadily since February. It does not dry out my lips and is sticky enough to stay put! I like the formula so much that I’m going to get two other shades—Seasame (a semi-transparent mauve) and XOXO (a sheer pink).

I wore it yesterday to a “fancy ladies’ tea” with Connor at a coffee shop in Marin called the Crown & Crumpet. She’s home for spring break this week, so we’re hanging out and doing all the fun stuff.

Connor ordered an herbal peach tea with her children’s tea service, and our sweet, attentive waitress carefully brought a cup of ice so we could cool the tea in her cup right away. I love nice touches like that, right?

Anyway, I ordered a regular tea service with all the fixings and a big pot of darjeeling (YUM), which I happily drank with plenty of milk and sugar!

Do you know what I realized while I was there? I am not a fan of mini pancakes. The one i had was a little chewy, and i felt like i was eating bread flavored gum. very funny! With that said, I loved the donuts and all the mini sandwiches.

If you’re visiting with Little, FYI, just down the street is a great playground with a huge rope-climbing structure. It’s a great place to get some vibrations out.

Oh! If you visit the stadium and need to use the toilet afterwards, you can walk right around the corner back to the Crown & Crumpet to use the bathroom. That’s what I did because DANG, this tea gets you through it.

Anyway, we had a great time! Highly recommend if you are ever in the neighborhood.

I really enjoyed my time with her this week. It’s really starting to totally hit me with how big she is and how short a window I have for her to really want to hang out with me.

I hope everything goes well with you!

Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


PS: Do you have any recommendations for Sephora for me?

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