Plums galore! Plum glossy lids and lips (and a poll)

When your hair is crazy but you just go with it.

This shimmery look features one of my all-time favorite palettes, the Get it Together palette from Honest Beauty!

I just saw a picture of Toni Collette (LOVE HER) in a magazine, and her makeup looked so pretty… I wish I knew who the makeup artist was because I really love her. She appears to be wearing a bold plum liner, matte neutral lids, and a glossy lip…

Of course, I had to put it myself on it! Toni looks like she’s wearing full coverage based on the shape of her skin, and her brows look bold (But not too bold) and full, but I did a softer brow and as much base as I could get away with.

One day I’m going to try a version of this look with full coverage and bolder brows. I think it could look very elegant for a dinner party or a night out with the girls.

Bloom Liner in honest beauty Bring it all together
Easy-to-use lids with plum liner

Bloom Liner by Jamal Sadiq Put It Together Palette 4

Bloom Liner in honest beauty Bring it all together
See plums on my eyelashes and waterlines?

I have the details listed below, but as always, if you have any questions about it, contact me!

Makeup to be worn with this look:

  • Foundation: Avene Solaire UV Tinted SPF 50
  • EYES: Honest Beauty Get It Together Eyeshadow Palette, Urban Decay Cannonball Mascara, Boy de Chanel Eyebrow Pencil in Deep Brown, MAC Prunella Pencil, Hourglass Retouching Fluid in Sand
  • Cheeks: Chanel Blush No. 20, Laura Mercier Ginger
  • Lips: Chanel Rouge Allure in 91 Seduisante and Rouge Coco Gloss in 754 Confusion

In other news…

the people magazine by the way. I don’t have a subscription, but a free number was randomly sent in the mail, and despite the fact that I’m not really a fan of gossip…if I was in the waiting room or at the salon, I’d ask them us weekly And the people shamelessly

Anyway, the feature with Toni was a Q&A with a bunch of questions that I thought I’d borrow for us here. It can be fun if you want to! You know I love me poll, not just Monday morning, ha!

here we are. Just copy and paste and add your answers in the comments:

copy and paste

  • Last time I sang out loud
  • Another thing I found out about myself
  • Last minute self care
  • The last time I was associated with a horse
  • Another moment of bliss

Here are my answers…

Last time I sang out loud

This morning in the bathroom, the song was deja vu By Olivia Rodrigo, which is a bit loud for my vocal range, but I try anyway.

Another thing I found out about myself

I like rowing more than running.

Last minute self care

last night. I put my phone to sleep and stash it in another room about an hour before bedtime so I won’t be tempted to scroll mindlessly before bed. I’ve been doing this for the past week, and it helps me fall asleep faster.

The last time I was associated with a horse

The only time I ever rode a horse, though, was in Hawaii two years ago.

Another moment of bliss

yesterday morning. I had just finished a long spinning class, and I felt like my body was exhausted (in a good way). Then when I was stretching afterward, with sweat rolling off every inch of me, I felt so good and cool…it was amazing!

Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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