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What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?

Are you invited to the party or are you going to have a simple dinner with your loved ones?

Perhaps you want to be the most beautiful woman in your environment in all respects. Because all women want to look the most beautiful themselves, this is a very natural instinct.


In order to be the most beautiful beauty in the new year, you should pay special attention to your hair, makeup and clothes. Christmas makeup Usually it should be more colourful, lively and wonderful than other days.

Glittery accents in your Christmas makeup can make you the star of the night. The glitter you avoid at other times can be used in your New Year’s Eve makeup. Clarifying the upper and lower lashes will also make your eye makeup more subtle. If your eyelashes are sparse, you can choose false eyelashes. Cat eyes, which is a trend this year, can also be used with other applications. Thick or thin eye liner can be drawn longer and upwards to give a more pronounced expression to the eyes.


You can choose which headlights to use as metallic, gold, bright silver or bright blue headlights. red lips As always, it will help give that must-have lip look. Lips have never looked so good, grab attention with the sweetest shade of red.


Metallic colors and glitter in particular can be used together.

The problem to watch out for is that your makeup is the opposite of your look, for example, if your hair and makeup look classic and reminiscent of the past, then your dress should be modern. If your makeup is overdone and too shimmery, keep your dress simple. If you have chosen to do very simple makeup, then your dress should be shiny and bright.


It is also important that the colors of your makeup are compatible. The color of the blush should match the color of the lipstick. Another important issue is the fixed base. If your eye makeup is exaggerated, you can choose lip makeup among pastel shades. Or it should be the other way around. If your lips are in red and burgundy tones, you can apply eyeliner to your eyes, but it may be best to stay away from more vibrant colored eye shadows.

The most important thing for your makeup to look good is to create a good makeup base. How makeup stops is related to the appearance of the skin. You can get a better look with makeup that you will apply on your skin evenly and smoothly.

You can achieve the desired effect on the skin with a good foundation, concealer and powder trio. Your makeup will look so much better with the smooth skin look you get after closing imperfections.


You can be the most beautiful woman in the New Year with smoky headlights, silver, metallic, golden tones, red and burgundy lipstick, glitter, matching blush with lipstick and gorgeous makeup. If possible, determine in advance the color tones of your clothes and the makeup that you will apply. This way you will have more time.

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