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What is natural makeup?

In recent years, it has become very popular to use the term “without makeup” to create a natural-looking makeup and achieve a healthy look. With this makeup style, which is dominated by natural tones, it is very easy to achieve a look that does not use a lot of products and has a healthy and balanced skin tone. when going to work early in the morning or going out in the scorching summer heat; You can go about your day with natural makeup that you can do without spending hours on makeup or worrying if you run out of makeup. without changing your facial features, eyebrows, or lip shape; Natural makeup, which will reflect your state closest to your no-makeup state, is a makeup style in which light-colored lipstick and headlights are used. Even if the same materials are used as the number of makeup materials used in dark makeup, the amount and colors of the product are very important for natural makeup. Instead of powdering your entire face and closing all your pores, dust the dampened area, your T-zone, with your natural makeup; Instead of framing the lips, it is very important to achieve a natural look with lip balm or nude lipstick.

How to make natural makeup?

Natural makeup, which is so easy, is a makeup style made with just a few products and in a short time. Knowing what product to use, in what quantities, and techniques are very important for successful natural makeup.

  • One of the most important components of natural makeup is the use of colors that are close to the skin. You should choose eye shadow, lipstick or foundation in the color closest to your skin and avoid excessive use of the product.
  • You should definitely use your moisturizer, which you should use daily, before applying your natural makeup. If your concealer is a product that you will use after your moisturizer and is essential to your natural makeup, it is very important to achieve a healthy look. It is very easy to achieve a smooth and natural look by covering the scars and redness on your skin.
  • You should choose the foundation cream, which is one of the most important products for your makeup, in a thin and creamy texture. Because you can achieve a wet finish and a shimmery look that you want in natural makeup just by using the right foundation that you are going to use. Unlike a foundation, you can achieve a smooth look with a BB cream.
  • Your choice of blush should be in a tone that won’t be overdone and matches your skin tone. Watercolor, jelly, peach, or pink blush can be among your preferences.
  • Although it is called “natural makeup”, eyebrows cannot be shaped. You should fill in and set your eyebrows with minimal, natural color.
  • You can achieve the natural look you want by using headlights in earthy or pink tones that are compatible with your skin to use in your eye make-up; You can complete your makeup by using brown mascara instead of black mascara.

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Why is natural makeup called no makeup?

Unlike dark-colored eye makeup or eye-catching makeup where lipstick is used, natural makeup is a makeup style that gives the impression that little or no products are used. But; All kinds of products, from mascara to eye shadow and from blush to lipstick, are also used in natural makeup. Only in Natural Makeup products are made in smaller quantities, with more natural colors and tactics that are suitable for natural makeup. At first glance, it seems that there is no makeup, and a completely natural and healthy look is given to the skin because makeup products with colors close to the color of the person’s skin are used in the natural makeup.

The natural makeup products you need

First of all, skin care is the most important makeup material to achieve the natural look you desire. With regular use of an exfoliator and moisturizer, any makeup applied to your skin will look healthier and more radiant.

natural makeup Cover redness and imperfections with a concealer that matches your skin tone and; You should get a clean, damp finish with a light, shimmery foundation. The use of lipstick is entirely up to you and if you prefer not to use lipstick, then you should moisturize your lips with a lip balm. You should use products such as mascara, eye shadow, and blush in colors suitable for your complexion and in minimal quantities.

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