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Make-upTo cover imperfections to give a beautiful and elegant look Face And the to the body is the process. Make-up is indispensable for a woman.. Every woman always finds time to do makeup, even if she doesn’t have time.

Make-up hack He knows your face type and features well and does it accordingly. Makeup based on your cheekbones, lip shape, and skin tone will make you more beautiful.. Some makeup can, in addition to looking good, cause a bad image. in this way In order not to look bad, try to choose the right colors for your skin tone and not overdo it with makeup.

Today I want to talk about eye makeup tricks. Because it is natural for every woman to want to look big and attractive.

We women want the makeup we put on our eyes to make our eyes look bigger and clearer, and reflect our outlook beautifully. While women with large eyes try less for such an image, women with small eye structures may have to put more effort into this image. For example, my eye structure is very small and narrow and my eyelids are droopy. I advanced to my eyes. Eyeliner She doesn’t even stand up straight. So I try to apply the right makeup to my eyes.

Let’s talk about some simple tricks to make eyes look bigger:

  • in the first place You have to make sure your eyebrows are drawn properly. Because the eyebrow is the most important component of eye makeup removal and expression. Reveals your eye shape and brow structure.
  • Another detail here is preparing your face for makeup. First of all, to make your makeup last longer, from your eyelids to your eyebrows. primary Create your own makeup primer with this treatment some make up It is also called. In our previous articles, we have shared the details of using a makeup base. You can review it again. this process powder And the from the line You can also use it.
  • it is time Eyelinerto choose your color. Here, you have to choose the colors that reveal your eyes based on your eye color.
  • from the inside of your upper eyelid short And the Not a thick line Start pulling and pulling up in short strokes. as possible Start at the bottom of your eyelashes It will help your eyes look bigger.
  • bronzeApply one eyeliner to the bottom of your upper and lower eyelashes and apply over the eyeliner. Choosing a bronze or gold lamp will be effective in revealing your eyes.. In this application, you can wipe your pencil with a cotton swab and blend the makeup.
  • Another important detail is It is a fine white powder that is applied around your brow bone, just below the outside of your eye. But talk about bright The powder will not be shiny. This will make your eyes sparkle and pop.
  • Let’s come mascara to use it. before applying mascara, With a mascara roller formed. Then your mascara Bottom to finish, apply the second coat before the first coat dries so there is no clumping. When applying mascara to your lower lashes, you do not need to apply the second layer.
  • White eyeliner under your lower lashes Using it will be effective in making your eyes look bigger.

while applying eye makeup pastel tones It is the right choice to make your eyes look bigger. for example lilac tones; This will help make your eyes appear brighter as well as make them appear larger. It is compatible with almost all skin types. Bags under the eyesIf you have any, before starting to make up Pink concealer and powder Try turning it off using

I’d like to point out one detail here. Don’t forget that the detail that shows eye makeup is the serenity of your eyebrows. If your eyebrows are sparse, choose a color that matches your eyebrow color. Eyebrow shade And the pen Try to define your eyebrows.

You can create the big, seductive eyes you want by applying some little makeup hacks. It’s up to you to look good and nice.

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