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Any egg lovers here? How about a delicious recipe that you can’t put down, the variety of which is only limited by our imagination? Here is an omelet from pita bread. We have adapted this recipe, dating back to ancient times in South America, into our own cuisine. We move on to our recipe for a thousand and one kinds of eggs, which you can serve by folding them in four, wrapping them in cling film and cutting them into pieces.
Basic materials per person;
2 eggs
1 lavash
salt, black pepper
After this stage, we are only limited by our imagination and pleasure.
Lightly sautéed mushrooms, olives, avocados, smoked turkey, grated cheese, chopped fresh herbs… whatever you want.

Our recipe is very practical. Add a pat of butter to the pan and add enough olive oil to wet it. Whisk eggs with salt and pepper. Add it to our hot skillet. While the bottom is cooking, and the top is still wet, add our cheese grater, pieces of olives, mushrooms and cover our pita bread on the egg. Lightly press it with your hands, without pressing down, and make sure that it sticks to the top surface of the omelet. When the bottom is cooked, turn the pita bread down. We make sure that the pita bread is thoroughly fried. At this stage, everything happens very quickly. We place the sliced ​​avocados on 4/1 of the omelet in the shape of a circle. We put fresh herbs and smoked turkey in the share right next to it. Fold the remaining side so that it is on the materials. Then fold in the middle again. On one side, an omelette, on the other, crispy pita bread, and our breakfast is ready.
What other materials do you think would work?
Have fun right now.

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