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Hello everyone on this beautiful May day.

We would like to talk about individual steps that can be taken against the global plastic waste crisis that concerns all of us today, our attentive followers who respect nature, life and soil. We know how sensitive you are when it comes to plastics. If you’re trying to live a zero-waste life in our everyday kitchen habits, but can’t decide exactly where to start from the hustle and bustle of life, here are the first steps for you.

We put fabric bags and nets of different sizes into a large fabric bag to take with us when we go shopping. When we return home to our kitchen, we can easily store our food in cloth bags in the closet or in the refrigerator.
Use cotton fabrics instead of paper towels and bags to keep your greens fresh.
Use reused waxed paper towels instead of cling film or foil to store leftovers.
Carrying thermoses and glass bottles for drinks that we consume a lot in everyday life, such as coffee, tea, water, which can be with us both at home and on the street.
Whenever possible, give preference to products with recyclable packaging.
Separating our kitchen waste in a way that recyclable waste can be separated.

We know that it’s not easy to break habits that have developed over the years. Would you like to participate in this movement together, drawing strength from each other?

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