Jacquemus presents the Spring/Summer 2023 collection

After Hedi Slimane in the fashion world, another name that didn’t fit the calendar was Simon Porte Jacquemus. By presenting the Spring/Summer 2023 collection at his fashion show on December 12, he made the fashion world feel summery in the cold of December.

Jacquemus Le Rafia He presented the collection that bears his name at a fashion show that took place at Le Bourget Airport, north of Paris. The exhibitors walked through a hangar-like space accompanied by flying hay. In his own words, the collection was inspired by Jacquemus from “the girls you can see walking down the street in Portofino or Capri in the summer with their hats, earrings and polka-dot pants”.

Undoubtedly, the most striking part of the fashion show were the huge straw hats worn by the models. At this fashion show, huge sunflower earrings accompanied the oversized hats we saw the designer use in his early years. The collection, in which men’s and women’s clothing were shown together, had more romantic lines for women’s clothing, while more fun for men’s clothing. The color theme, defined by daylight and sun, includes vibrant hues like yellows, light browns, pinks, and reds, as well as Jacquemus’ classic earthy tones. The collection, where we see the polka dot pattern, also includes soft psychedelic patterns from the 70s. Tassel detailing is also included in the collection, which includes mini skirts, tops, jumpsuits, jackets, and maxi dresses.

Pamela Anderson was the most eye-catching name in the audience as were Emma Chamberlain, Aaron Piper, and Amina Muaddi. Anderson, who wore the new ensemble from head to toe, wasn’t alone in the crowd donning the ensemble. As for the fashion show where many influencers wore the new collection, Simone Jacquemus said, “Sometimes, the audience can talk more than the show. It’s different to wear real people who aren’t models and I like it more. That way, people can find something for themselves.” He says.

Jacquemus, who reflects playful, cheerful and youthful pieces in a realistic way by combining them with French romanticism, came up with a very popular collection with his brand, as he has been working on his aesthetic conception since 2009. The fashion show, which gave the public the warmth of summer on one of the coldest days of the year, He created one of his most memorable fashion moments with his models walking with straws. We look forward to the next step from Simon Porte Jacquemus, one of today’s most successful and influential young designers.

Celine Accord

I am a computer engineering student at TED University. Because of my interest in fashion, I have received training from İMA and Vakko ESMOD. I want to advance in the fields of editorial design and fashion.

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