How well do bangs?

Me and my bangs circa 2015

I think it depends on the style of the explosion. For example, if I did it again, I’d go with curtain bangs or some kind of fringe that could easily grow out without any drama.

Oh, and I wouldn’t unless I could hop in my car and drive somewhere 10 minutes max to get a nice trim. I’ve learned that if getting to the salon is in any way a challenge, I might as well forget about maintenance.

New poetry February 2021
Lots of layers and drapery bangs in 2021

I don’t think I do blunt bangs well. My hair naturally does not want to be flat in the front; I remember spending a lot of time assembling the pieces to go in a certain direction. When I had blunt bangs, they always wanted to go the other way, or tousled in a way that didn’t please me. very funny!

Bob, bangs and pink hair
Bob, bangs and pink hair appeared in 2012 …

Anyway, bangs. They’re on my mind these days because I’ve been working on a hair project lately, and I also missed a haircut. Think curtain bangs might need a comeback? I don’t know. decisions decisions!

How well do bangs?

Share your best/worst bang bang moments in the comments.

I will talk to you soon!

Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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