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What is smokey eye makeup?

Smokey eye makeup, which adds a smoky and impressive scent to the eyes, is a generally preferred makeup style for special occasions and night events. Since smoky eye makeup is a makeup style that is dominated by dark eye shadows or mascara that gives a thick effect to the eyelashes, it can be thought that it is difficult to create a successful smokey eye makeup at first glance. However, with high-quality makeup materials and the right techniques, you can easily create your own smoky eye makeup and get ready for all the action in no time. Smokey eye makeup, which is much preferred because it is both classic and elegant, is one of the first types of eye makeup that comes to mind at dinners or parties. Smokey eye makeup adds a dramatic and assertive look to the eyes and attracts attention; It is one of the trendy makeup styles in recent years. With the deep, seductive look it brings to the eyes, smoky eye makeup is an iconic and iconic makeup style with many celebrities.

Smokey eye makeup ingredients

while attending a dinner or night party invitation, at the workplace or while having coffee during the day; Smokey eye makeup, which can draw attention to you with your deep-set gaze, is one of the frequently preferred eye makeup. Smokey eye makeup will be one of your favorite eye makeup looks thanks to the thick eyelashes that match the soft pale skin and the allure that the dark colored headlights add to your eyes. Although it may seem difficult because it is a type of eye makeup that is dominated by dark colors, you can do it in no time with the right techniques and a few tricks.

lamp base

In order for the first effect of your eye makeup to last all day, the eye shadow base that you apply before your eye makeup is very important. Your makeup will stay flawless and professional with the base of your lamp so your dark makeup won’t splatter and stay the same intensity all day long. Apart from increasing the wear of your eye makeup, an eye shadow base will prevent your makeup from filling in your eye lines.

Neutral headlight

You should create a base for your eye makeup with a beige or skin-tone eye shadow that you will apply all over your eyelid. This way, you will create a clean ground for the other materials you will be using. If you do not apply a neutral color eyeshadow on your eyelid, it will be difficult to spread the dark eyeshadow that you apply afterwards. It will make the process of blending the darker colors easier after you even out your eyelid color using a neutral color like beige.

eyeliner or eyeliner

You can create a basic frame with an eyeliner or eyeliner in black, brown, gray, or the color of your choice. Thanks to this frame, the makeup application you make for your eyes will be even. First, you need to swipe the lower part of your eyelashes with eyeliner or eyeliner, and then carefully distribute it with a thin brush.

Highlight your eyes!

First of all, you should highlight your eyes with dark eye shadow that you will apply with a brush on your eye folds area. then; You should carefully apply a dark eyeshadow such as brown, gray, or black from the outer part of your eye to the inner part of your eye.

Little trick

You should lightly apply a luminous eyeshadow at the end of your eyebrows and in the middle of your eyelid. Thus, your makeup will attract attention and you will have a healthier look.

The final step: mascara

Mascara is the most important step that will give your smoky eye makeup a dramatic and deep look. You can get the thick, curved eyelashes you want with mascara that you apply using the right techniques, either on your own eyelashes or on an artificial eyelash of your choice.

How to do daily black eye makeup?

Black eye makeup is often preferred because it easily attracts attention and adapts to every outfit. It can be used at any time of the day, from dinner to everyday use, while at the same time it adapts to every color and you will have no problem deciding what to wear. Daily black eye makeup should be simpler than party black eye makeup. Besides the preference for black, colors other than black may also be preferred. In daily black eye makeup, it is more correct to use colors such as brown or gray that can add intensity to the eyes but without exaggeration.

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