How to eat vegetables and fruits in spring?

Eating vegetables that can be eaten in the form of salads without cooking, and fresh fruits with meals allows us to get much more vitamins from food.

As for the vegetables that we will use for food;

  • Green leafy vegetables are popular in spring.
  • lettuce, spinach, parsley, Basil like greenery
  • Carrot, asparagus, Artichoke, beanspeas, rocket, purslane, fresh garlicrosemary, watercress, thyme as well as fresh onion takes its place on the table.
  • Mandarin as well as orange living his last moments banana as well as Apple will continue to keep his seat at the table.
  • With the sunrise tomatoes It is also among the vegetables that can be eaten.
  • Vegetable dishes with a lot of greens are one of the most popular dishes of the spring months.
  • Necessarily peas, beans, asparagus, beans, broccoliI recommend distributing liver-healthy artichokes 6 days a week.
  • We will use in every meal, pepperWatercress, parsley, carrots, sun-drenched tomatoes and arugula should not be absent from the tables.


Due to the very short season to benefit from almost every bit of liver-healthy artichoke. Artichoke While cooking, I suggest you cook it along with Aegean leaves. Only the bottom part can be nutritious, but if you teach the little ones to scrape off the bottom part of their leaves, they will also give extra support to their immune system and liver by digesting the valuable parts that got there.

fleshy, with chicken or with minced meat Peas are also very good food. With good rice as a side dish, they get high energy and nutritious food, and feel the rebirth of the spring months in their bodies.

Reception in the spring and proteins, and vitamins, and minerals also helps to strengthen the body in changeable weather conditions. Thus, we should not skip the protein that should be taken with meals.

Yogurt A seasonal variety with beans and lots of tomatoes is also a good alternative.


Another important food that allows both our children and us to be energetic during the spring months is that we eat it raw and do not skip it from our table as an alternative to bread, except in the morning. almond, Walnut as well as hazelnut there is.

Let’s not skip these nuts, which are sources of energy and omega-3s in food.

Today, the gut is often referred to as the second brain. Probiotic bacteria are the hardest working members of our gut and digestive system in general. If we are going to evaluate the spring months as the months of our body restructuring, like nature, we must not forget the probiotic support during these months, in addition to nutrition, so that the food we eat can be digested healthy. Many foods with probiotics sour cabbage, garlic, onion, cheese In addition to yogurt, we can also consume ready-made probiotic supplements available in our pharmacies as a support.


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