How to choose lenses according to eye color?


The most active muscles in your body are not in your arms, back, or legs; in your eyes! With over two million working parts, your eyes process over 36,000 visual messages per hour. In fact, most of the information our brains take in passes through our eyes.

With such a load, the eyes may need help. Fortunately, you can always correct your vision with prescription contact lenses. Available in a variety of colors and shades, these lenses are also a great fashion accessory.

Read on and look at skin tone and selection of lenses according to eye color find out how.

Choice of contact lenses

Colored contacts come in different sizes. Colors also have different patterns and intensities. To choose the best contact lenses for your skin tone, it is important to know the different types of colored contact lenses available.

  • Opaque glasses: It completely masks your natural eye color.
  • Shades to enhance color: These contact lenses only bring out your natural eye color. For example, if you have blue eyes, these lenses can lighten or darken your natural eye color.
  • Equinox lenses (or round lenses): They have a dark ring around the iris for a subtle yet dramatic effect. They are especially effective on light eyes.
  • Cosmetic lenses: They add special effects to your eyes. They are usually worn on special occasions such as Halloween. For example, you can get cat eyes, wild eyes, or even completely black eyes.

Colored contact lenses are safe if they are properly prescribed and cared for.

How to find skin tone

Your skin tone can be “warm”, “neutral” or “cool”. We recommend choosing colors that complement your skin tone.

Warm skin tone means that your skin has a peach, golden, or yellow undertone. Cold skin, on the other hand, has a bluish, pinkish or reddish hue. Although not common, some people have a neutral skin tone that is a mixture of cool and warm tones.

There is a way to determine skin tone. What suits you more in gold or silver accessories? If you always prefer gold as the best accessory, then you have a warm skin tone. If you’re into silver accessories, you probably have cool skin tones. However, if you look great with both gold and silver accessories, you probably have a neutral skin tone.

Here’s another way to determine your skin tone: you can check your veins! If you have greenish veins, you probably have a warm undertone. If you have bluish veins, then you have a cool skin tone. However, if your veins appear colorless or match your skin tone, you have a neutral skin tone.

Choosing lenses based on skin tone

When choosing colored contact lenses, it is important to evaluate how they look in your eyes. They should be almost invisible, but stand out enough to give you the most natural look.

Choosing lenses for skin tone

Cool skin tone

Do you have a cool skin tone? You can choose grey, purple or blue lenses to complete this shade. People with this skin tone are usually advised to opt for lenses in bright colors such as turquoise, amethyst, and turquoise.

Neutral skin tone

If you have this skin tone, you can use any color! People with this skin tone come in a wide variety of colors, from brown, honey, and hazel to grey, green, and purple.

Warm skin tone

If you have a warm skin tone, the best colored contact lenses for your eyes should have honey, hazel, brown, or light blue highlights. These colors will provide a great contrast to your skin tone.

Considerations when choosing lenses

Besides your skin tone, there are other factors to consider when choosing the best colored contact lenses for your eyes.

Hair color

Blond hair not only matches different eye colors, but also makes your shadows even brighter. But for best results, use blue, green, or purple lenses.

The best touch points that match any shade of red hair are green. Dark green shades go well with light red hair, while bright green shades are more suitable for dark red hair tones. You can also consider blue touchpoints if you don’t want to use the typical green.

If you have brown hair, choose brown or hazel contact lenses. Different shades of brown blend well with each other, creating a natural and effective look. If you want to look tough, blue will do!

Like blonde hair, black hair goes well with all eye colors. From light shades of green to darker shades of brown, they all look great with black hair.

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