How did your makeup style evolve as you got older?

I’m wearing Laura Mercier Clique, and Connor is wearing MAC Quite the Standout

Here is mine, in short

  • These days, I rely more on glossy lips, blush, and lots of mascara. It’s the easiest way for me to look polished without having to deal with eye makeup.
  • Speaking of eye makeup, i wear thinner eyeliner because hooded eyelids are hello.
  • On that note, I rarely do sexy wings or whatnot – it’s very difficult to make them even and get them to work with the joint up.
  • Oh, and if I’m wearing eyeshadow, I stick to easy eyeshadow looks with one or two shades at most, usually in lighter tones. I rarely wear dark eyeshadow because figuring out the placement is so stressful, oh my gosh!
  • I do very light bronzer and no contouring at all. I don’t have as much collagen in my cheeks as I once did, so I don’t need any extra definition for my cheeks and what not. I also see the shape of my face as it is. *shrugs*
  • In terms of foundation, I usually wear a highly pigmented moisturizer base because 1) powders and foundations look heavy on me now, especially in full sunlight, and 2) the translucent base makes it easier to reapply sunscreen. Also, i do not like the feeling of wearing too many layers on my skin!

This is what i think my makeup collection will look like moving forward

  • Lots and lots of beautiful, radiant lipsticks with a handful of shimmery gloss! I mean, I’m always going to make room for a nude lipstick, but there’s something to be said for bright pink, red, or coral, especially if I have to get dressed up. I stand up straight and feel seen when I wear those colors.
  • Lots of medium-toned neutral shades (creamy and liquid, because they’re the easiest to blend) for my eyelids.
  • All blush.
  • All tinted moisturizers.
  • A handful of eyeliners that draw the thinnest, most precise lines and don’t disturb my waterlines. (Side note: I can’t throw all I want on my mains anymore. Too many pencils make me itchy now.)
  • One or two bronzers that blend effortlessly. Thinking I’m going back to Chanel’s cream in a jar. old school kid.
  • Some basic eyebrow things. Boring but necessary.
  • Mascara that I hope I don’t hate. very funny! It has been a struggle since i stopped using the eyelash serum and my eyelashes are back to how they used to be.

How did your makeup style change as you got older? Oh, and bonus points if you want to list what you think your group will look like moving forward!

Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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