How closely do you follow the makeup and fashion of the Met Gala?

Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette

Ohmg. It’s been all over the place lately! The latter celebrated Karl Lagerfeld (most people seem to have strong feelings for him).

Anyway, I scanned a few Insta posts here and there, and also read a few stories online — and that was only because some people dressed up as Choupette, aka the KL cat! Leave it to the cat lady to rock a big fashion night because of the cats, ha ha ha! Other than that, I don’t follow it closely. *shrugs*

I have to admit, the Met Gala is great for makeup inspiration. I bookmarked these two posts from Chanel!

I love the lip in this look on Margaret Qualley (she is an actress and daughter of Andie MacDowell). The makeup is fresh and simple, but very elegant. Can someone come and do this makeup for me so I can look like this all day, every day?

This look on Whitney Beck (yes, she is an actress too) has the same chic and edgy look. If you look closely, you can see a tiny little dot dotted across its upper lid; I think it’s blue or purple, with glitter on top. A little cool!

Anyway, let me know if the Met Gala floats your boat.

Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Unrelated note, but Bay Area ladies, FYI, the big Nordstrom in downtown San Francisco is closing. It’s the end of an era!

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