How are nails applied?

It is a cosmetic product formulated to make nails look beautiful. Nail polish is one of the important points that complement makeup. Helps add color to the beauty of nails. In order for the hands to look beautiful and well-groomed, the nails must be properly cut and well-groomed. Nails that are filed at regular intervals grow faster. While peeling, apply by moving from the edges to the center in the same direction. Applying nail polish to healthy nails leads to more effective results.

Nail polish

To prepare nails for nail polish, you must first wash your hands and remove all moisture with a towel. Before you start applying nail polish, you can create a protective base against hard-to-remove colors by applying nail polish to your nails. Then choose your nail polish color and start applying your nail polish.

When applying nail polish, never take too little or too much nail polish on the brush. If you have too much nail polish on the brush, the nail polish will flow from the edges of your nails and it will look bad. After applying one coat, wait for an average of 2-3 minutes, then apply the second coat and make sure the color is fully visible. You can use the ice water method to dry your nail polish faster. For this, take a bowl full of ice water and soak your hands in this water for 1-2 minutes. If you want your nail polish to look brighter after it dries, apply a clear polish. You can apply nail oil or olive oil on and around the cuticles to avoid removing dark nail polish easily from the nail.

Apply nail polish

Apply nail polish

Air your nails regularly. Don’t apply nail polish every day, but rest your nails two days a week without nail polish. Make a mixture of oxygenated water, baking soda, and warm water on your nails and soak your nails in this water for one minute. In this way, you will have more vibrant and strong nails and it will be possible to achieve the results you want after applying nail polish.

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