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Good morning everyone, happy new week.
We try to watch our diet, exercise, sleep and drink enough water. However, due to urban life, we are exposed to external factors such as car exhaust, cigarette smoke and air pollution, and as a result, we are exposed to heavy metals. Heavy metals tire our internal organs, leading to fatigue, depression, weakness, loss of morale and motivation, memory problems, and sleep disturbances. And here again vegetables and fruits come to the rescue. So we got to the miraculous detox drink that will flush out heavy metals such as mercury, bird, arsenic and cadmium from our body.

1 beetroot
1 carrot
10 spinach stalks
1 orange
1 celery stalk
1 lemon
fresh ginger from a matchbox
4/1 cup drinking water

For this recipe, we need a juicer. Let’s skip all the ingredients through a juicer. We will drink this mixture, which we will prepare fresh every day for a week, 3 times a day, two hours after eating. Let’s repeat every three months.

We have a full week ahead of us.

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