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Hello everyone from the last week of July.
Here’s another summer recipe. Nutritious, satisfying and light Frittata, she is an Italian omelette. While it’s similar to making an omelet, you can enrich the contents of the Frittata as much as you want, and you can consume your Frittata, which swells and thickens as it gets richer, like a gluten-free pastry with more ingredients. Here are our materials;
4 eggs
1 potato
1 onion
1-2 green peppers
10-12 mushrooms
4/1 bunch parsley
Salt pepper
4 tablespoons olive oil
Let’s get to the heart of our recipe before we get started. The more you beat the eggs, the fluffier your fritata will be. Let’s prepare our ingredients separately before we combine them. Peel our potatoes and cut them into large pieces, then boil them with a little salt and let them cool. Let’s fry the mushrooms in a pan with two tablespoons of olive oil until they release the water and absorb it again. Let’s take it again. This time, fry the onion in the remaining two tablespoons of olive oil in a frying pan that can be put in the oven, add our chopped peppers to them and cut them a little. Then add the cooled potatoes and mushrooms and mix well. When the flavors combine, let’s add the eggs that we beat well. Add salt and pepper and put in our oven preheated to 180 degrees. Remove it from the oven when it swells for 5-6 minutes. Our fritata is ready to serve. Another beauty of this sweet Italian recipe is that it is suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
An amazing week awaits you! Don’t forget to share your creations with us when you try the recipes!

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