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Good morning everyone on this beautiful day.

Today we would like to talk about a concept that has come into our lives as summer approaches for many of us. Diet. We try many different things, sometimes we get overwhelmed by the process, sometimes we unknowingly hurt ourselves. How would you like to talk about some of the key points we all face along the way?

We all have an image of ourselves in our mind where we feel better. From time to time we try to get to it in different ways. The most important step on this path is not to try to get rid of the person that we are now, but to pull ourselves together and move towards the desired goal together. Do not forget to rejoice in your success with yourself at every step.

Another problem is knowing the goal we want to achieve. Is the point we want to get to the destination we really want? Or are these popular global criteria that we think should exist and that are being imposed on us? Let’s set ourselves a clean goal that we want in every sense.

Let’s make the diets that we choose on the way to our goal, not the fastest, shortest way, but the healthiest, most comfortable, most enjoyable, so that our motivation can stay at the highest point. Let’s remind ourselves that our path is not only to lose weight, but also to walk towards the goal with ourselves, while maintaining inner peace.

No matter how far our target is, let’s set waypoints. So, let’s enjoy success every step of the way, not when we reach the very bottom of the ladder.

Last but not least, let’s allow ourselves to be wrong. It is important to keep moving towards our goal from where we left off!

We all have a great week.

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