Coral, bronze, and peach makeup with a natural-looking foundation for outdoor adventures

Hello quick Friday

Welcome! Today’s post is an old but good repost and post. I still love this look, and LOL, these pants (which I bought at Target like five years ago) are still outstanding! They’re still my “time to play with Connor outside” pants. Side note: When I see pictures of me wearing cute makeup outside to hang out, I am kindasurta You want to get back on this train. Anyway, I wish you a very Happy Friday, and if you’re somewhere hot like Northern California, stay cool!

Color makeup bronze and plum

This is what a “fancy dress” is for me these days: a semi-crinkled striped sweater, pants with paint splatter on them (I wore them to paint Connor’s room a few months ago, and dagnabbit if not the most comfortable pair of jeans I own!), and my “good” Nike Winflos.

Oh, and a little makeup, of course!

Mac eye shadow

target coverage

To chase PGR around the house and a Coywolf around the block yesterday, I wore bronze and plum on my eyes and cheeks with a sheer coral lip. And I paired it with what I like to call a “semi-sheer base,” which is barely there coverage with tinted moisturizer, plus a few targeted areas of slightly opaque coverage. I did this by blending a sheer layer of sticky foundation onto my cheeks and around my mouth, then dabbing a small amount of liquid concealer under my eyes.

Mac eye shadow

I didn’t set it with a powder because I wanted my skin to look as skin-like as possible, but you totally can…just make sure not to overdo it if you want to maintain a skin-like effect.

I really like this kind of targeted coverage, especially how it looks in outdoor lighting, which can be notoriously underwhelming. Highly recommended. Try it at your next outing.

MAC gems discovered

In other news… I’m scraping my way through my makeup collection now, and I keep discovering vintage gems. I wore two of my latest finds yesterday – Cheeky Bronze Mineralize Skinfinish and MAC Liquidlast Liner at Coco Bar.

Cheeky Bronze is a soft, shimmery golden coral face powder. Technically, it’s a highlighter, but you can also use it all over your cheeks as an all-in-one bronzer/blush/highlighter, which is what I have on my cheeks in these photos.

If you’re feeling creative, you can also use it as an eye shadow. I wet the MAC 217 brush, swirled it across the pan a few times to load it up, and then buffed it on the inner part of my lids to go with the bronzed plum shadow I was wearing on the outer half (MAC Sable, in case you’re curious).

Coco Bar is a neutral dark brown MAC Liquidlast liner, which is You won’t move for nothing! It feels like the liquid version of MAC Coffee highlighter, which is why I love it. I drew a line directly along the upper and lower lash lines, then smudged the edge with a flat eyeshadow brush. If you are looking for a smooth, spreadable chocolate liner that stays put, you should try it ASAP.

Mac eye shadow

Makeup wears off in this look

a base: MAC Peachlite Strobe Cream (to prep skin), First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Tinted Moisturizer in Tan (all over face), MAC Studio Fix Soft Matte Foundation in NC42 (cheeks, around base of nose and mouth), Estée Lauder 24H Concealer in Medium warm

eyes: MAC Teddy eyeliner (brushed all over the eyelid as an eyeshadow base, then applied as a liner to the waterlines), MAC Sable eyeshadow (outer half of the eyelid), MAC Cheeky Bronze (inner half, applied wet), MAC Hush (inner corner), MAC Liquidlast In Coco Bar (smudged along upper and lower lash lines), Laura Mercier Caviar Volume Mascara

cheeks: Macchie Bronze

lip: MAC Ravishing Lipglass (sheer coral that looks, sadly, discontinued. BOO!)

Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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