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It’s time for chestnuts, one of the best gifts of winter. How about trying chestnuts that are roasted separately and boiled separately like a truffle with lots of cocoa? Delicious after-dinner treat with hot coffee, soft blanket and chestnut truffles – the recipe is far from complete. Here is our recipe;

1 cup boiled peeled chestnuts
Dates soaked in 1 cup water
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
cocoa and nutmeg for sprinkling

Grind the chestnuts into flour in a rondo, then add the dates and mix. Take it in a separate bowl and mix the walnuts with a spatula. If the consistency of the dough remains hard, you can gradually add water. Cut the walnuts into small pieces and form them into balls. Put half of the balls that we have prepared in cocoa, and half in coconut flakes. Let cool in the refrigerator. Our truffles are ready to serve.

Have fun right now. Don’t forget to share your results with us.

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