Check in: The Beauty Bakery Palette, Hourglass Eyeliner, and Passionate Blanks

Warm tones and shimmer from Beauty Bakerie’s Do It For the Graham palette

Have you ever wondered why graham crackers are called graham crackers? I was wondering about this the other day while using the Do It for Beauty Bakerie Graham Eyeshadow Palette.

By the way, I'm NC42 in MAC
By the way, I’m NC42 in MAC

Turns out the crackers have an interesting history, and the word “Graham” is always capitalized because Graham crackers are named after a real person.

I know. Lots of fun facts!

Between all the flowering trees and the crazy wind lately, my allergies are officially on fire. Runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing every two seconds… Spring is just around the corner, and just when I start thinking it might be my new favorite season, pollen changes that in a hot second, LOL!

Just looking at this makes me want to sneeze

On that note, i was looking for a waterproof eyeliner that wouldn’t budge. I know, I know, I could just skip putting on eye makeup those days, but I’ve been working my beauty list for the past few months and I want to keep at it! Wearing face paint definitely helps with my mood, and on days when I feel more grounded, I feel happier, you know?

Long distance night line

Speaking of eye makeup, do you remember the Hourglass Solstice Pencil from last month? It is a beautiful golden bronze from the Hourglass Waterproof Gel Eyeliner line. I finished it – great!

You know how it goes though. Rather than replace it as a sane person (ha), I wanted to try something new, so I grabbed these two hourglass liners last week at Sephora: Mechanical Bronze Shimmer Gel Eyeliner 1.5mm in Bronze and Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Matte Brown in Cave.

Bronze linings and an hourglass cave

Hourglass liners: some initial thoughts

  • 1.5mm Bronze Bushing: The slim tip on this one is pretty cool. It’s very accurate! If you have to put on a hooded lid like I do and you prefer your liner to take up a little space, it’s absolutely lovely for a touch of definition on your lash lines and water. Long lasting too. My only concern is that I’ll get through it quickly! $
  • Cave Waterproof Gel Eyeliner: Hmm. Mixed feelings so far about this cute brown. On the plus side, I love the cool tone of the rich brown. It reminds me of the soft, wet, wet brown pebbles you’d find in a stream. There is a little bit of red in it, which I think is especially great for adding depth to my lash line. On the not-so-great side, when I wear it on my waterline, it transfers more compared to the solstice shade. I think I’ll keep wearing it until I’m done with it, and then I’ll go back to Solstice.

Blanks are my jam, man

Re: Solstice again. I was thrilled to finish the liner all the way! What is it about emptying and finishing a very satisfying makeup? I’m at the point where it’s more exciting to finish something all the way down to the last bits of a bob than to pile on a ton of stuff I only use on occasions.

Empty biossance jar

Have you ever felt this way? Or is it just me?

Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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